September 3, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets (or Monday morning...)

So, it's Monday, not Sunday. The holiday weekend really threw me off. As I'm sitting on my couch back home, I'm thinking about how I have another day of doing nothing, and then remember that I really don't! This weekend was one of those unplanned, spontaneous decision weekends, and sometimes I like them that way.

1. Didn't end up getting to see The Fray, which bummed me out. Instead hung out at Ellen's house for Hannah's birthday. You can always count on great food, outside sitting, good drinks, and lots of laughing when you head over there, and that's exactly what it was.

2. Met Adam downtown Saturday morning and walked to the North Bottoms to tailgate. We headed to the game after a few hours. It was HOT! I'm talking, people couldn't stand up, chugging 3 waters in four minutes, sweat dripping down your legs kind of hot. Despite that miserable-ness, there's not many things greater than when Husker football season starts.

3. After the game, we randomly decided we were going to drive to Columbus for the weekend. I spent Saturday night sitting on my couch, which was awesome! Sunday morning we ran a whole bunch of errands, ate some lunch, and then celebrated Mr. Collin's 8th birthday.

4. Had a fire, and then for some odd reason, me and Mama decided to get some slushies, and drive around town house watching. Sunday night ended with stopping by my friends house and talking for way too long.

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