September 7, 2012

High Fiving

Friday. I'm so happy to see you! Between being very impatient with 6 year olds this week, being miserably sick, and being completely exhausted...this week was rough. So I'm happy it's over!

1. Was home for the weekend and went out for coffee with my Mama and Grandma. It's become sort of a tradition when I'm home, and you know how much I love tradition... :)

2. Took pictures of a senior and then her awesome family Monday night. Despite the pouring rain an the nasty humidity, they were fun and she rocked it.

3. Sunny days with lots of rain. One of the coolest things.

4. Pink pants. Who can be in a bad mood when you're wearing pink pants? No one, that's the answer. But the important thing is that I finally got around to getting Netflix...which means I won't be leaving my couch for awhile.

5. Got to see this little man and his sister on Wednesday. It's amazing how much they grow when you haven't seen them for a few weeks. Kenton knows tons of new words, is marching, (as in, kicking his legs up really high like a drum major... which is really hilarious to watch) and ran to me when I opened the door. Which, of course, made me cry. Duh. I miss them lots more than I even thought I would.

Have a happy weekend.

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  1. love sunny/rainy days! so cool!

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