August 12, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

This was a full weekend without much relaxing!

  • Friday night ended with a walk to the haymarket and sitting outside with friends at The Tavern
  • Worked at the hospital Saturday. It was a busy morning with lots of babies being born!
  • Worked out and walked around downtown for the afternoon.

  • Met with my parents and headed to my brothers for my sister-in-laws annual birthday bash filled with lots and lots of food, desserts, and games!
  • Back downtown for a wedding and seeing one of my favorite people ever! I definitely don't get to see Bianca as much as I want to (since she lives in Austria!) but I love her so much!
  • Spent Sunday morning drinking coffee with my Mama
 And seeing this awesome pup
  • A family Reunion all day Sunday with my huge extended family. My Great Grandma lived to be 108, and we get together every few years to catch up! It was filled with tons of people, and even more food!
 Me and my bro

I'm ready to start the crazy week of teaching! 

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