August 5, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

This weekend I went to Okoboji to camp with my family. It's my favorite weekend of the year and this year didn't disappoint! I sort of lose track of the days while on vacation and I kind of love that part of it!
  • Lots of lake time and taking part in yet another year of our "classy fun" involving a picnic table in the lake with air mattresses to create a makeshift slip n slide/diving board/bridge/anything else we feel like trying at the moment. There were be plenty of pictures of this to come soon!
  • Lots and lots of grilling, good food, and snacks!
  • Disc Dunk. This is the greatest game. If you haven't played it, go buy it! 
  • Fires, stories, memories, family, night time walks, and lots of laughing!

  • Did yet another tradition of spending the entire day downtown at Arnold's Park. We sort of take over an entire area and fill it with our lawn chairs, blankets, and tons of people. We play lots and lots of sand volleyball, eat, shop, swim, and just hang out for the entire day!
Once I get time to go through all of my pictures, there will be a massive post about all of the things I love so much about this place! This week is my last few days with my kiddos, and the start of the end of my college career (meaning, the end of summer!)

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