August 25, 2012

Married: Anne & Scott

I've known Anne forever! We like to catch up with coffee dates way too often and spend hours talking about life in general. She's one of the greatest people in my life, and she found herself an awesome guy! Now they're married and already moved to Memphis to start their life together!

I was super excited when Anne asked me to do some pictures for the wedding! I showed up right when the girls started getting ready and hung out all day! They were such a fun group of people and the whole day was very "Anne-like" :) If you know her at all, you know she loves organization, and everything was perfect! And everyone knows I love me some yellow, so of course I was excited when she showed me the dresses! The reception was all yellow, burlap, mason jars, candy bars, coffee bars, kids tables, and bike horns...the whole wedding and reception were great and Anne was the calmest bride I've ever encountered! 

There's no way at all I could've narrowed it down to even make a remotely short post, so of course it's long...duh!  Here's about a gajillion pictures!

I'm so excited to visit them in Tennessee and see where life takes Anne and Scott next. 

You can go check out some more here.

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  1. These are SO GOOD, Tristan! Seriously. I want to get married again so you can take my pictures! :)


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