August 31, 2012

High Five for Friday

Longest week ever...but hey, it's Friday, and that's good.

1. Monday was spent in one giant meeting The lady was negative about pretty much everything. But the good part about this meeting was...I applied for graduation. Which happens in less than 3 months. We also got some Husker Hoagie, which hasn't happened in a few years and it's just one of the greatest things.


(This also happened Monday.) When Ellen and I are bored in meetings, notes usually get written that are pointless and hilarious and's one of many.

3. My first grade kiddos. I had one of those days this week where I wasn't sure why I picked a career path involving children (which is just me complaining, because I know exactly why I picked it) But they came back the next day and showed me exactly why I love them so much. of my faves.

2. Finally got to hang out with my oldest friend and on her birthday. We sat by the pool, drank good drinks, ate a ton of candy, and a ton of pizza! I've known her for almost 20 years. That makes me feel crazy old.

3. Um...PTO bringing tons of food for teachers is not really a good thing. But it's such a good thing. We had an early out day this week and when we walked into the Teacher's Lounge the tables were covered. Candy, chips, the best salsa (ever!), SIX different kinds of cupcakes, popcorn, cookies, and some more awesome desserts including this! For real, I'm not sure how teachers aren't hugenormous.

4. The Fray is happening tomorrow.

5. Tomorrow is the first Husker game!

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  1. yay for graduation!!!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello :)


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