August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

Guess what...I'm done with my first week of student teaching. Only 15 weeks left! :)

1. Took a major detour after Power Pump on Monday. Every road to get from the YMCA back into town to my house was closed. I ended up going around Lincoln and back in on a road full of more construction. Good thing I like driving around with the windows down and the music up! 

2. Started off the week on a bad note! Long story short, I was on the phone with the tire people to get them replaced (on my very first day of student teaching) and I got a flat, was late, called everyone for rides, paid a lot of money, and had a frustrating morning! But the good news is...I got new tires, and had great people help me out!

3. Started on a project that has been sitting around my house for a few months. It's going to finally be finished soon!

4. Gorgeous days this week! I feel bad saying I'm ready for Fall because I really do love every season for their specific things. But, I'm SO READY for Fall! It was in the 70's yesterday, and I was on a high all day long because it made me so happy! Summer, I love you...but I think I'm ready for you to go...

5. Starting a whole new routine and finding time to fit everything in. I love and hate change all at the same time. I've always needed my workouts in the mornings to get started with my day. But (I've learned from experience) while working with is an absolute essential for a de-stressing morning workout otherwise I might throw one out a window!

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  1. Yay for a nice new routine!! And I am sorry about your tire! But glad you had good people to help you out! Have a good weekend :)

  2. The detour picture is absolutely beautiful! I laughed at your No. 5 - destressing so you don't toss a child out the window. HAHAH. So true! Glad your tire is fixed!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! New follower from #H54F Link Up.



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