July 22, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

This was one of my weekends full of driving! I was in lots of different places but had such a good weekend!
  • Started out Friday driving home to Columbus and having dinner with the family at Valentino's. We're people who love tradition (especially me!) and we have been going out to eat here before every road race my Dad has ran, even back to when I was really little. So there's no reason we shouldn't keep this tradition going!
  • This girl. Sometimes (usually) she becomes the center of attention because she's so hilarious. I'm not even going to explain what's happening in this picture because most normal people would think it was pretty gross (yet hilarious!) But she had all of us laughing so hard. She also has the most contagious giggle that even other tables were joining in.There's never a dull moment with this one.
  • Started off Saturday morning with the Downtown Runaround in Columbus. I ran with my niece, Hailey as a memorial run for her cousin who passed away last week. My dad ended up winning the money for oldest Downtown Runaround shirt yet again this year along with winning his age group too, like usual!
  •  We ran home to get ready and drive to Omaha for a wedding of some of my brothers friends.
  • Walked into the reception of the wedding only to find my cousin and my aunt as the bartenders! It was an awesome surprise, so we got to hang out with them for the night and get excited about Okoboji, happening in TWO weeks!
  • Spent the night in Omaha and drove back in the early morning for work at the hospital. It was a slow day, but then I came home and took a NAP! Do you know how long it's been since I've been able to take a nap? I haven't been able to just sit around and relax for so long. It was the best thing!

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