July 15, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

This weekend was really, really busy, but I guess what's new, huh?

  • Only worked half a day Friday, so I headed down to Scooter's and made a huge dent in the 1500+ pictures I need to edit! I love going there, so I just spent the whole afternoon on my computer! It felt good to get some downtime, even though I was technically still working! 
  • Kenton and Kalissa's (the kids I nanny) mom got married this weekend. We started with their rehearsal and then a fun grill out at their house with lots of good food and create your own ice cream sundaes. It was fun to hang out with all of them when I wasn't actually working! Even though my days with them really never feel like work anyway...And to take their pictures on Saturday!

  • Took on The Color Run with my entire family. Let's just say it was super fun, super hot, and my body is still mostly pink and blue and I can't get it off! 
  •  Got to hang out with the newest set of the cutest babies at the hospital today. It doesn't feel like work and I love that. I wish I could post their pictures, but that's sort of illegal! Today was full of owl hats, lots of Huskers, and sock monkeys if that gives you any sort of picture in your head!
  • Got started on a lot of the projects I've been waiting to do on. I should have been working, but I decided I had better things to do. So all of those will be coming soon too!

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