July 13, 2012

High Five for Friday

This week was so slow and so fast all at the same time.  It had parts of awesomeness, and parts where I thought I was going to rip out my hair! But, it's Friday, so everything is better!

Here's what I loved this week...

1. Cooked dinner and went to a movie with some girls. We're guilty...we saw Magic Mike, and to be honest, I didn't love it. But I'm a little in love with Matthew McConaughey, so I definitely liked it enough to watch him for an entire movie :)

2. Saying goodbye to such a wonderful friend on Tuesday night. She and her brand new hubs are moving to Tennessee today. Our coffee dates will definitely be missed!

3. Waterparking it. It has been so unbelievably hot lately that we haven't even been able to go to the pool. We finally got to go this week and it was much needed!

4. Playing basketball with people I haven't seen in forever! We had been playing every week and then we all got crazy busy, so we finally got to play a few games last night!

5.Workouts that save my sanity. I'm so thankful that it helps me out the way it does, because some days I almost go insane! I'm definitely a morning person, but some of the days I had this week required me to go back to the gym in the evening...yeah, that's the kind of week it was. Thankful it's coming to an end!

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This weekend is one of the busiest yet! Filled with rehearsals, parties, a race, a wedding, and pictures! I just added even more stuff to it too! Hopefully your weekend is great!

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  1. i loved what you cooked for dinner. it looks so yummy. i wish i could cook something like that :)

    i usually workout at night because i still want to blog afterwards. the energy sustains me through blogging til midnight.

    found you in h54f and is following you via GFC now. i hope you can drop by my blog and find something you'd be interested about. :)

    jen @ whyyyjen.blogspot.com


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