July 6, 2012

High Five for Friday

My days have been so off this week I completely forgot it was Friday! But I'm happy it is! This week was a good one because my favorite holiday was part of it!

  1. Got to be home for my favorite holiday. I'm a sucker for tradition, and it being on a Wednesday this year kinda messed with me! But we still had a good time hanging out with everyone and eating good food!
  2. Visited one of my favorite places ever. When we were little we spent so much time here. My grandma never left this pool, and we were there every weekend, plus the weeks we got to go spend with her. This place made me feel very nostalgic! We recreated pictures of my nieces and nephews that we have of me and my siblings, and all of my cousins. It's a good place! 

3. Being out in the country for the night of the 4th, and seeing the fireworks of the entire town, paired with an awesome moon! I don't have the pictures uploaded yet (whoops), but if you didn't see it, you definitely missed out!

4. Got to take some pictures of this little sweetheart! This is the newest niece of my oldest friend. Be looking for more of her soon!

 5. The fact that Thursday felt like Monday, but now it's already Friday! Hahah, it made the week feel like it flew by!

Have a happy weekend! 

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