July 20, 2012

Color Running!

My family and I did The Color Run last weekend. It was super fun to have everyone do it together. We got all decked out in white and had everything from headbands, glasses, and goggles to boxer shorts and bumblebee tutus. We had a blast and started lots of trends including cartwheels, Phoebe Buffay running, and rolling through the color.

Here's a whole heck of a lot of pictures! 
Mainly for my family to see...but for you too!


  1. that looked so much fun!! i want to have that experience too. i love the blast of color ;)

    jen @ whyyyjen.blogspot.com

  2. That looks like a TON of fun! Messy, but fun! Maybe I should try that out.. anything to make running more do-able for me, lol!

    Gotta love the family time, too!

    - Sara

    1. SO much fun! Although my car now has pink all over the seats and I spent the next two days scrubbing my knees, but definitely worth it :)


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