July 7, 2012


Ellen and I made our 2nd annual trip to Chicago a few weeks ago. Here's a boatload of pictures to document it! I'd be surprised if anyone made it through the whole post, I just wanted to have them on the blog somewhere!

We took the megabus from Omaha into Chicago. It was definitely an experience and really does take up an entire day, so make sure you plan accordingly! We spent our whole first day on the bus, then did the most walking ever with all of our stuff to the subway, then to the apartment we were staying at! We pretty much crashed that night after a quick dinner.

I woke up early Saturday morning and went for a run through Wrigleyville, then we headed to brunch at Salt & Pepper. Ellen and I went downtown for some shopping and touristy stuff all day, made our way to Giordano's for lunch, then down to the pier for a night bike tour. We went up Lakeshore Drive, through Lincoln Park, on downtown streets, through Millenium Park, up to Buckingham Fountain, out around by the aquarium, and then ended with fireworks at Navy Pier. If you're going to Chicago anytime soon, do this tour! It was so much fun and had some of the best views ever! We got a good workout, and got to see Chicago in such a different way. We made our way back to the apartment that night and got some frozen yogurt piled with chocolate!

The next morning we went to brunch again at Pick Me Up Cafe, and then hit the beach! We pretty much stayed there all day and then came back to get ready for Mexican food and going out that night! Ellen and I woke up early the next morning, and took a cab to the bus and sat for the next 8 hours on our trip home! 

Go check out my facebook for the rest of the pictures! 

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