June 3, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

You guys, let me just tell you about my weekend...
  • Bachelorette partying on Friday with some awesome ladies. One of which is marrying one of my very good friends in TWO weeks! And another one that is, for real, one of the most fantastic people that I've met in my life. We had a fun time and those girls are going to be a blast at the wedding!
  • Morning run, coffee, and farmers market on Saturday morning. If you ever read my blog, or know me at all, you know that this is my very favorite Saturday morning routine...and it's one of the few times it could happen this summer so I was pretty excited about it!
  • Saturday morning photo shoot for one of my oldest friends, her sister, mom, and grandma. We had a good time doing some fun stuff for those girls! I'm excited to go through the rest for them, and even more excited to shoot her wedding at the end of June!
  • Road tripping with two wonderful ladies! That involved a picnic, a water park, slides, and some pretty terrible sunburns! It was an afternoon well spent with two of my favorite people!
  • Out with friends on Saturday night, sitting outside around fire, with good talks about tons of stuff and getting to see so many awesome people that I never get to see.
  • Very long Sunday morning run and spending the day drinking coffee and sitting outside. And that might very well be my favorite thing to do on Sundays.
This weekend was full of so much fun with lots of different people that I love! Bring on the next few weekends of weddings, races, and trips!

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