June 15, 2012

High Five for Friday

This week went so, so fast! I'm not sad about that, but I'm kinda nervous about the fact that it's already the middle of June! This week was pretty much great.

1. Spending lots and lots of time outside. I always love me some outside time pool sitting, book reading, park going, and walk taking. 

2. An awesome coffee date with such a great friend. We accidentally stayed for 3 hours talking about life and I'm so thankful for that girl!

3. Taking pictures of my best friend! Seriously, they are so wonderful. I'm antsy to finish them!

This is all I'm sharing right now, because I'm waiting for the full post!

4. Having people come to me for so many photo shoots! I'm so excited about it and I have so many ideas to try on all of you guys. Thanks for thinking of me and helping me do what I love!

5. Getting a jump start on Bella Baby! It's overwhelming and scary and out of my comfort zone, but so exciting! I'm so happy to be getting this opportunity. I trained today in my dream studio! Everything about it was so perfect and so 'me' (hello, everything from ikea!) Check out my instagram tristanlynae for a few pictures of it!

6. The fact that things feel like they keep falling more and more into place. Cheesy? Yeah, probably. But I don't even care, I feel like things just continue to keep working out and I'm getting so many opportunities. I'm feeling thankful for life! :)

This weekend brings dinners, a photo shoot, a race with my brother, my niece & Dad, a wedding of one my greatest friends, getting to hang with my nieces and nephews, and tons of awesome people.

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