May 27, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

Sunday, Sunday!
  • The fact that I have nothing at all going on tomorrow and I love it! 
  • Celebrating one of my friends getting married last night. We had a fun time dancing and singing at the wedding and I'm looking forward to so many more weddings coming up this summer!
  • Making more money than expected at a garage sale and getting rid of lots of things I didn't need anymore! 
  • Making a random, spontaneous trip back to Columbus this morning. Turns out the lake plans we had fell through but I still am happy to be home for the night! 
  • It's storming! It was really sunny and hot when I went into my sisters house, and when I came out it was foggy, crazy windy, and cold. 
  • Got to indulge in some El Mat today, which makes me happy and full! 
 Looking forward to an awesome week!

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