May 6, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

  • Spent this weekend doing such great Spring stuff. 
  • Seeing my family and watching my Dad run the Lincoln Marathon. Thirty years ago to the day, he ran his fastest time ever and came in 2nd.
  • Finally getting around to starting all the projects that were on my list. Lots of painting going on over here!
  • Had the most perfect Saturday morning. They're my favorite! And mine was filled with a morning run, watching the little kids run The Mayor's Run, getting some coffee, going to The Farmer's Market, getting lots of free samples and fun stuff, and going to tons of garage sales to find more stuff for my new place! (There's a post coming soon...)
  • Ready to get my camera back out and working again! If you need pictures for anything, contact me. I haven't been using it much because of being so busy this semester, but I have some amazing, new locations I need to try out!

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