May 8, 2012

Lincoln Marathon

Just a quick post about the Lincoln Marathon this past weekend.

Cool story short, 30 years ago exactly, my Dad ran his fastest marathon time and got 2nd in the Lincoln Marathon. (For those of you wondering, his fastest time for 26.2 miles is 2 hours and 24 minutes!) On Sunday, he only ran the half, but he beat his goal time!

These people had such great signs and were awesome motivation for the runners!
Runners have some of the nastiest toes I've ever seen! This sign is fitting!

My nerdy love of organization came out when I watched this system! Every runner had a bag with their name and number written on it, all in alphabetical order. When someone went up to get their bag, they had people running to find it and got it to them in seconds!

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  1. oh my gosh! This is awesome! I LOVE those signs! Thanks for sharing his story.

    What an accomplishment! I get tired from running up the stairs! congrats!

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