May 25, 2012

High Five For Friday

Friday...what? This week flew by so much faster than normal but I'm alright with that! Here's some of my favorite things from this week:

1. I got to start my new job and do some training. Basically, I get to hold and love on one day old babies all day while I take pictures of's right up my alley and probably going to be one of the best jobs ever! (A post will be coming about this soon!)

2. This is going to be in my possession very soon...
It's been long overdue and I've needed a new computer for months. I'm finally going to have one that works again!

3. Dinner, desserts, painting nails, deck sitting, storm watching, and good talks with my best friend. These are the best nights, and the fact that they've been happening so often with so many different people makes me happy!

4. Weekly basketball. We've been all talk on this for the past couple of years. But we finally got it rolling this summer and have been playing once a week. It's such a fun time, not to mention an awesome work out and I get to see all the people I don't normally see during the week! And speaking of basketball, here's a flashback Janey and I came across of us back in the day! We were easily the best!

5. Booking Chicago! Even before I visited Chicago I always knew it was my favorite city. But after finally going, I know it will be a trip I will be making a whole lot of times!

(I apparently took zero pictures of anything I did this week, which is super weird...whoops!)

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