May 27, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

Sunday, Sunday!
  • The fact that I have nothing at all going on tomorrow and I love it! 
  • Celebrating one of my friends getting married last night. We had a fun time dancing and singing at the wedding and I'm looking forward to so many more weddings coming up this summer!
  • Making more money than expected at a garage sale and getting rid of lots of things I didn't need anymore! 
  • Making a random, spontaneous trip back to Columbus this morning. Turns out the lake plans we had fell through but I still am happy to be home for the night! 
  • It's storming! It was really sunny and hot when I went into my sisters house, and when I came out it was foggy, crazy windy, and cold. 
  • Got to indulge in some El Mat today, which makes me happy and full! 
 Looking forward to an awesome week!

May 21st - May 27thth

May 21st - May 27th

Pretty flowers on a morning walk
The park
Storm watching
One of my very best friends being awesome
Wedding time!
Collin man

May 25, 2012

High Five For Friday

Friday...what? This week flew by so much faster than normal but I'm alright with that! Here's some of my favorite things from this week:

1. I got to start my new job and do some training. Basically, I get to hold and love on one day old babies all day while I take pictures of's right up my alley and probably going to be one of the best jobs ever! (A post will be coming about this soon!)

2. This is going to be in my possession very soon...
It's been long overdue and I've needed a new computer for months. I'm finally going to have one that works again!

3. Dinner, desserts, painting nails, deck sitting, storm watching, and good talks with my best friend. These are the best nights, and the fact that they've been happening so often with so many different people makes me happy!

4. Weekly basketball. We've been all talk on this for the past couple of years. But we finally got it rolling this summer and have been playing once a week. It's such a fun time, not to mention an awesome work out and I get to see all the people I don't normally see during the week! And speaking of basketball, here's a flashback Janey and I came across of us back in the day! We were easily the best!

5. Booking Chicago! Even before I visited Chicago I always knew it was my favorite city. But after finally going, I know it will be a trip I will be making a whole lot of times!

(I apparently took zero pictures of anything I did this week, which is super weird...whoops!)

May 21, 2012

Landon Turns 3!

My little Lando turned 3 yesterday! He's such a ball of fire and on the go all the time! He's crazy, and hilarious, and repeats all kinds of awesome phrases that he hears from other people like "What the heck is that?" There's never a dull moment with this little guy and he makes our lives interesting!

May 20, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

Here's my High Five for Friday Sunday post and my Sunday Night Bullets all crammed into one!

I had lots of favorite things about this week and weekend!
  • Taking pictures of so many cute little kids here and here and here!
  • Celebrating the greatest friends birthday!
  • Getting offered an amazing job that I didn't even apply for and taking it! 
  • Having a snack and movie party with all my nieces and nephews! Parents were gone, so I (the greatest aunt ever) stepped up and brought over all the things they love so much. We had a fun night of movies, cuddles, candy, and popcorn! 
  • Lots of porch/deck/balcony sitting in the wonderful weather!
Have a happy, happy week! I'm so excited for all the fun things coming up!

May 14th - May 20th

May 14th - May 20th

New kitty sighting
Park lounging
Country sun
Ellen's Birthday
Snack party with all my nieces and nephews
Happy Birthday to Landon

Sneak Peek: Gehring Family

Here's a quick sneak peek for the Gehring clan!

May 15, 2012


This post is jam packed full of pictures of this little guy. This is Kenton, he's who I spend all my days with. I know...he's adorable! He has amazing blue eyes and the most gorgeous eyelashes ever!

Nera Jean

Meet Miss Nera, a few hours old.

My cousin had her baby girl on Friday. I took my camera when I went to meet her just to take a few pictures and that did not make her a happy baby. She definitely just wanted a pacifier the whole time and was not happy with me having my camera in her face!

Little baby mohawk :)
 She joins sweet brother Jayce who might not be too crazy about a little sister...
Hopefully I'll have more pictures of this little lady soon!

May 14, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

Sunday Night Bullets...which are really Monday Morning Bullets because of the crazy, hectic day I had yesterday!
  • Celebrating graduation and a new baby in the family. Seeing my little cousins doing all these things make me feel like I'm an old lady. I spent lots of days with these guys when I was younger and now they're going to college and having babies!
  • Speaking of graduation, it turns me into a big baby! That song gets me every time. I could go to a graduation where I didn't know anyone and I would still cry. Hence the fact that I was a mess when the little Grandma behind me was bawling and her grandson gave her a hug, a flower, and said, "Thanks for everything growing up. You're the best and I love you so much." Cue tears...
  • Helping my sister with their ginormous pile of trees in their backyard. My Mama, sisters, and me used a wood chipper all morning Saturday and it left us with lots of cuts and scrapes and lots of laughs at all the times we hit each other in the head with branches and leaves!
  • Driving back to Columbus this weekend. There's something about driving alone in nice weather that I love so much. I turn the music up loud and obnoxiously sing the whole way home and don't really even care who hears me.
  • Finishing up the series of Desperate Housewives. It was a guilty pleasure for me and my mom for the past 8 years! We started when I was in high school and just couldn't stop watching it because something crazy always happened! We spent every Sunday night watching it together, and when I went to college we watched it together through the phone! It's finally over and we watched our last episode together last night. I loved the show, but I am glad to be done with those crazy women and all their antics.