February 16, 2012


Oh hey, Thursday you snuck up on me again!

  • Feeling like this semester is flying by. Even though the days are long, the weeks are going fast. It's already the middle of February! I don't know when that happened.
  • Spending lots of time daydreaming about a new place. I don't even know where I'm living for sure yet, but I'm ready to get out of here and start over.
  • Searching for brown boots. I've been on the hunt for months and cannot find anything. I've searched every website and every store. These are basically what I want, but I obviously can't afford them. So blog friends, help me out! I'm convinced they are sold out in my size all over the world.
  • Finishing another week and celebrating with the girls from student teaching. Tomorrow it's basically just because we survived this crazy week (20+ kids on a Valentine's Day sugar high included). So I'm looking forward to spending some time with those great ladies! 
  • Being sick. Again. I swear I've been sick for 3 months straight. I've tried everything and I think I've given up. The fact that it seems like I spend every waking hour with tons of kids doesn't help and I just think we're all passing it on to each other and I'll never get over it! It's really exhausting me though! Much needed sleep will be coming this weekend.  
  • Missing my family. I'm not sure what it is, but I just seem to get these big overwhelming feelings of homesick-ness every once in a while (okay, all the time) and I feel the need to drive home and cuddle my nieces and nephews and hang out with my parents. Call me crazy, it's okay. 
Hope you all have a fun weekend! 

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