October 17, 2011

Addison & Callen

Yesterday I took 2 of my nieces, Addison and Callen out to take some pictures. I let them pick their outfits, the place, and let them do whatever they wanted. Their photographer personalities definitely came out! They were bossing each other around, telling each other where to stand, and when I was supposed to take the pictures. We had a fun time!

"Callen stand over there, and put your hand on your hip.."
"TT, take a picture of me like this in my boots!
"You stand behind me like this, now I'm going to stand like this. No! Move your head!"

I have about a hundred more poses that they came up with, but I think I'll save those for their Mom:)

I'm not sure why, but that picture of Addison wearing boots, hands on her hips, looking behind her is one of my favorite pictures ever!

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