September 22, 2011


  • Listening to some amazing new music by this band. If you haven't heard it, check them out. Seriously so good.
  • Seeing said band tonight at The Bourbon! I've been waiting awhile for this, and I'm excited to finally see them live, especially with such a good new album. 
  • Being so far behind on blogging. So many people are waiting for their pictures...don't worry, they're coming. I promise!
  • Wanting a vacation, by myself, as weird as that sounds. I want to get the heck away for a few days! 
  • Feeling swamped with school, as usual. I never go a day without homework and it's kicking my butt!
  • Thinking about changing my logo/name. I've been going back and forth since June with this and I just can't decide!
  • Loving fall so much. Enough said about that.
Happy Thursday!

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