September 8, 2011


  • Trying to find time to edit the thousands (yes I said thousands) of pictures I have to edit, all the homework I have to do, the reading I have to get done, not to mention eating, sleeping, and all the other things involved in my daily life!
  • Booking 2 more shoots for this weekend is awesome, but is also going to leave me absolutely no hard drive space left on my computer or my external hard drive. Which means it's time to spend some big money...which I'm not too thrilled about!
  • Feeling like the days are moving by so unbelievably fast. I feel like my life is flying by and I'm just watching it go! Life has been a little crazy hectic the last few weeks, and it's already September!
  • Needing to go shopping so bad! There are so many things on my wish list, that I really do just want to go out and buy...I guess I'll keep dreaming!
  • Spending this weekend with my sister and her kids, watching the Huskers, and taking more pictures!

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