September 1, 2011


Ohhhh Thursday, I'm so very glad to see you!
  • Feeling so unbelievably overwhelmed with the stresses of school. I know I can get through it, it's just feeling like a little much right now!
  • Having a big stroke of bad luck in the last week. I hope it's done and over with!
  • Looking forward to fall! Bring on the jeans, boots, scarves, and cardigans! My favorite season and so great for so many reasons!
  • Shooting a wedding tomorrow and feeling a little nervous about it...
  • Thinking about the summer and the fact that it's over. After all of the crazy busy days and some of the things that happened to was a good summer :)
  • Celebrating my childhood best friends birthday a few different nights this past weekend. Seeing two of my favorite girls that I definitely don't see enough! I was having a rough day, and I was easily cheered up with dinner, drinks, cake, and really late night talks about everything from life, boys, memories, and the future with these two lovely ladies! Not many things are better than that! 

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