September 23, 2011

Chris: 2012

I already said this in Chris' sneak peek, but we had so much fun during his session! This kid is fun and we got some great pictures!


Every time I take pictures of these guys, I always ask for a serious face, and I always get a different variation of fierce-ness (yeah I just made up that word) I just love to see what kind of faces I'll get :)

In love with this picture. They were being brave and running into the field swarming with mosquitoes just to get some fun pictures.

AND, how gorgeous is she?!

September 22, 2011


  • Listening to some amazing new music by this band. If you haven't heard it, check them out. Seriously so good.
  • Seeing said band tonight at The Bourbon! I've been waiting awhile for this, and I'm excited to finally see them live, especially with such a good new album. 
  • Being so far behind on blogging. So many people are waiting for their pictures...don't worry, they're coming. I promise!
  • Wanting a vacation, by myself, as weird as that sounds. I want to get the heck away for a few days! 
  • Feeling swamped with school, as usual. I never go a day without homework and it's kicking my butt!
  • Thinking about changing my logo/name. I've been going back and forth since June with this and I just can't decide!
  • Loving fall so much. Enough said about that.
Happy Thursday!

    September 21, 2011

    Sneak Peek: Chris 2012

    Here's a sneak peek for Chris. This was probably the most fun I've ever had on any kind of shoot. It was pouring rain, but as much as he hates to smile, he was a trooper and we finished quick!

    One of the reasons I like senior shoots so much is how much of their personality comes out when you let them do whatever they want and don't tell them how to pose. His fun, carefree personality definitely came out during these and I'm excited to post the rest of his pictures!

    Hope you love them so far!

    September 19, 2011

    Sneak Peek: Anderson Family

    Here's a sneak peek for my sister and her family. We ventured out into mosquito heaven to get these shots and my legs are still itching! We had a lot of fun though, and there's more to come!

     He had just gotten this for his birthday, and he was obsessed with taking pictures wearing it!

    September 16, 2011

    Sneak Peek: Nick & Sonya

    I shot my cousin Sonya's wedding a few weekends ago, and even though I never ever want to do weddings as the main shooter...I had a ton of fun and got some great shots! It's also a very long preview because I couldn't decide on just a few, and they've been waiting so patiently!

    Hope you enjoy your sneak peek you two!

    September 15, 2011


    • Anticipating all the great music that's soon to be coming out. Ready for some new awesome stuff!
    • Having absolutely no time for anything other than homework. It's really starting to get old and I'm not even a month into school. 
    • Missing lots of different things in lots of different aspects of life. Some parts about growing up aren't quite what you anticipate when you're young.
    • Living in routine.
    • Laughing at Ellen Degeneres. She's finally back on after summer and she never fails to make me smile, cry, or wish I was on her show! Love her so much!
    • Loving the weather. Fall is so great, my favorite season, and always keeps me in a good mood.
    Sneak Peeks will be up very soon (hopefully tomorrow). I promise!

    September 8, 2011


    • Trying to find time to edit the thousands (yes I said thousands) of pictures I have to edit, all the homework I have to do, the reading I have to get done, not to mention eating, sleeping, and all the other things involved in my daily life!
    • Booking 2 more shoots for this weekend is awesome, but is also going to leave me absolutely no hard drive space left on my computer or my external hard drive. Which means it's time to spend some big money...which I'm not too thrilled about!
    • Feeling like the days are moving by so unbelievably fast. I feel like my life is flying by and I'm just watching it go! Life has been a little crazy hectic the last few weeks, and it's already September!
    • Needing to go shopping so bad! There are so many things on my wish list, that I really do just want to go out and buy...I guess I'll keep dreaming!
    • Spending this weekend with my sister and her kids, watching the Huskers, and taking more pictures!