August 25, 2011


Oh hey, here I am! I haven't done Thursday(ING) in a few weeks and I promise I haven't forgot it! After reading my friend Bethany's Thursday(ING) post, I realized that the last few weeks of summer are always jam packed full for everyone! But, here's a few...

  • Spending the last few weeks of freedom in Okoboji, Chicago, hanging with my family and great friends, and enjoying not going to class yet!
  • Preparing for school. Once I finally get into a routine, I'm actually okay with being in school. But the first few weeks of getting into the swing of things is always a little stressful!
  • Realizing that I'm a SENIOR! This is my last semester of classes! WOAH, when did that happen?!
  • Planning the year already, my weekends are quickly filling up with concerts, photo shoots, vacations, and birthdays! The busy-ness never ends!
  • Being perfectly okay with where I am in my life right now and content with what's happening! :)
Have a happy weekend!

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