August 3, 2011

Thursday(ING) on a Wednesday

Thursday(ING) on a Wednesday this week...leaving for vacation today!
  • Leaving for Okoboji today after work with my bro! I've been going every summer since I was 4 months old and it's my favorite place ever! We have the biggest group we've ever had this year and I'm really looking forward to all the fun!
  • Preparing to get eaten alive by mosquitoes while camping. For some reason, they really love me, I always get a thousand bites, and they swell up to the size of 50 cent pieces. It's a good look for me!
  • Getting bad luck like crazy. My week started with a funeral, locking my keys in my car on the other side of town, running all over the place, having the spare key not work, borrowing a friends car, finding and paying a locksmith, finding rides, my friends keys disappearing, finally getting my car back, and being overcharged on our bills. Blah. But now, I'm ready for whatever else life throws at me!
  • Feeling inspired by everything. Everything I see, I get an idea that I just want to create. Now, if only I had some money...
And a quick video to make you smile...

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