July 25, 2011

Yellowstone 2011

My computer has really been acting up lately, but I finally got around to blogging pictures from my vacation. Me and my parents went to Yellowstone for the weekend and on the way we stopped at my Grandpa's grave, Chimney Rock, and Carhenge. We spent a full day in Yellowstone and on our 15 hour drive home, we stopped by Mount Rushmore. We saw tons of awesome stuff including lots of wildlife like bears, wolves, bald eagles, elk, and buffalo and the views were amazing! We ate a lot of good food and ice cream and definitely made a stop at the candy store where we filled a whole bag with tons of different kinds and ate it all on our drive home! :)

I love getting to spend that time with my parents and going on trips like this. In a little over a week, me and my parents, along with our entire family will be going on our yearly trip to my favorite place ever! And a few days after that I'm heading to Chicago with one of my best friends! Keep an eye out for those posts soon!

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