July 28, 2011


  • Being addicted to watching Weeds, waffles, listening to City and Colour, eating chocolate covered peanuts, and Pinterest!
  • Wanting to start a new routine. I'm living my life like Groundhog's Day and I need something new!
  • Loving that I finally get to stay in town this weekend and hang out with my friends. It's the one weekend this whole summer that I haven't had something to do. I love being busy, but I really love the feeling of having nothing planned!
  • Looking for book recommendations. Now that I finally finished Harry Potter, I need some new ideas for great books/series to read. Let me know if you have any!
  • Celebrating a wedding with great friends is a really awesome way to spend a weekend. And I still feel like I'm recovering!
  • Shopping for some things for my trip next week, and noticed that every store has fall stuff out! FALL! Seriously, fastest summer ever. But, I'm so proud of myself, I got in and out of those stores buying only the things I needed...(except for a new purse) even though I really wanted to buy lots more stuff!

Join in on Thursday(ING)!


  1. The Hunger Games if you haven't read them already.
    HOLY CRAP. So good.

  2. I've been shooting with a 7D since January. Allen bought me it as a "house-warming" present. It came with the 18-135mm lens and I go between that and my 50mm. So that's what I had in CO!


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