July 21, 2011


  • Hating that I'm already back from vacation and back to working everyday! But very soon I will be in my favorite place ever, and a week after that in Chicago...so I guess I can deal with a few weeks of work!
  • Wanting to go on a big-time shopping spree. I want new fall clothes...flats, cardigans, jeans, scarves! I want to come out of stores with my arms full of bags! That's so unrealistic, and will never happen. But I can dream right?
  • Recovering from sleep deprivation and not being able to catch up! Sleeping for an entire day is sounding like a great idea!
  • Seeing Journey in concert (outside) on Monday night. It was in the middle of our great Nebraska heat wave and even though it was a night show, it was scorching hot! We were all so sweaty, and couldn't help complaining every 30 seconds, but it was a great show!
  • Dealing with FIVE kids this week! Four of them are under age 6 and one is 4 months old...let's just say I'm sooo thankful that this week is almost over. It has definitely been exhausting!
  • Spending this weekend celebrating two friends getting married! It's going to be a fun wedding!

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