July 14, 2011


  • Driving. Driving. Driving. Starting yesterday, I have over 2,000 miles to drive from places like Lincoln, Columbus, Scottsbluff, Wyoming, Montana, Columbus, Lincoln, Omaha, Lincoln. I'm actually in the car right now and we aren't even close to where were staying tonight. But it's going to be a fun weekend!
  • Seeing Yellowstone for the first time. One of the places that goes along with all that driving is Yellowstone. I've never been there and I'm excited to see stuff and take tons of pictures, which I'll upload later!
  • Finding my current summer job to be very exhausting and challenging!
  • Thinking that my five nieces and nephews are thee cutest kids in the world. It could just be because I'm their aunt and I think they're great. But seriously, they are so adorable! (Be on the lookout for my next post for some proof of this!)

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