July 7, 2011


  • Finishing summer class! I made it! I so didn't want to take this class, but I'm so happy I did and got it over with. I just took my last test, and I'm finally done!
  • Looking forward to what the rest of my summer has in store for me. Weddings, concerts, Yellowstone, camping, Okoboji, Chicago. It's going to go quick!
  • Missing my summers as a kid. I miss riding my bike around the whole town, spending every possible moment with my best friend, eating whatever we wanted, playing outside, and not having a worry in the world! Sometimes growing up really stinks!
  • Laughing at the kids quotes I've been hearing lately. A few of them being...

    "Why don't people poop in movies?"
    "You don't love kids in China do you? Cause they eat brains and stuff."
    "The only reason he doesn't have allergies is because he didn't come out of her."
    "My dog died. And I'm sad. But it's okay, because we have a cat and my dog is living inside her."

    I want this mirror soo bad!

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  1. Congrats on finishing school. those quotes are hilarious too! Summer is what you make it, pack it with as much fun as you can!


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