June 9, 2011


Yeah, I haven't had a post since last Thursday...whoops! But I have so much going on in the next 3 months, so I know I'll have so much to blog about!
  • Being SO busy. Every weekend of my summer is full and although it does seem kind of crazy, I'm thankful that I have so much fun stuff going on with so many great people.
  • Listening to country music lately! Summer is the only time I listen to country. There's just something about driving in the scorching heat with your windows down listening to something awesome like Fishin' in the Dark. Or sitting outside, by some water, grilling out, and drinking while Kenny Chesney blares out of some speakers. Don't judge...country music is great this time of year!
  • Hanging out with so many good friends, old and new. I spent my days this past weekend going out, swimming, and sitting by the pool with such awesome people. It was a weekend well spent. 
  • Starting summer class and exercise boot camp in the same week, along with running in the evenings and nannying all day, plus homework...makes for an exhausted Tristan!
  • Buying a lot! I'm finally finishing up my room and have bought a lot of stuff for it, maybe that I don't necessarily need, but that look good! Hello to a new comforter, lamps, baskets, frames, pictures, etc, etc, etc...It's also hot out, so of course I need some new clothes for summer! :)
  • Liking the heat! I spend so much time outside running, going on bike rides, doing homework, reading, going on walks with the kids I nanny, biking to class, going to the park. I spent every hour of the last 3 summers outside, and now I'm missing it so much!

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