May 2, 2011


First off was moving day. My roommate and I switched rooms because now that I live with 2 boys, I finalllyyy get my own bathroom and the master bedroom. But let me tell you, just switching rooms isn't as easy as you think, and takes forever! We had stuff filling our entire house!

Next it was out with my best friend! We had a great time, but only took some boring pics!

Ellen and I went for manicures and pedicures Saturday morning. And even though it wasn't the greatest experience, it was still fun! Then I headed off to the baseball game with my family, and then a huge dinner!

Sunday was packed full of stuff! I woke up super early, left my house at 6:30am and didn't go back inside a building until 10:30 that night. I watched my sister-in-law finish her first half marathon, watched my niece play fastpitch softball, played sand volleyball, and went to the end of the year carnival on campus with Sherman and Melvin.


  1. what an eventful weekend!

    following now. found you thru BT!

    kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE

  2. It was definitely eventful! Following you now too, I'm excited to see what you keep posting!


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