My friend Bethany, decided to start this thing called Thursday(ING) in an attempt to get her friends to write more, which in turn gives her more to read. :) I think it's an awesome idea, and kind of forces me to write something each week, so of course I decided to join in! (And steal the way she did her set-up too!)

(And I'm doing it on a Friday for the first time...whoops) 
  • Nannying a 2 month old for the whole month of May has made me so much more than exhausted everyday.
  • Vacationing to Wisconsin and Minnesota this weekend with my family, and super excited to see tons of family that I haven't seen for a long time.
  • Loving my family, iced coffee, working out, the sun, reading, the Farmer's Market, baseball, planning trips, making things, and taking pictures
  • Wearing dresses, one of the best things about spring/summer! And flip flops.
  • Watching The Ellen Show. She is so cool. Seriously. I think she's so genuinely nice and real and hilarious and fun! Watching her show makes my day. Be kind to one another!

    Join in! And let me know, so I can read what you have to say!

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