May 27, 2011


My friend Bethany, decided to start this thing called Thursday(ING) in an attempt to get her friends to write more, which in turn gives her more to read. :) I think it's an awesome idea, and kind of forces me to write something each week, so of course I decided to join in! (And steal the way she did her set-up too!)

(And I'm doing it on a Friday for the first time...whoops) 
  • Nannying a 2 month old for the whole month of May has made me so much more than exhausted everyday.
  • Vacationing to Wisconsin and Minnesota this weekend with my family, and super excited to see tons of family that I haven't seen for a long time.
  • Loving my family, iced coffee, working out, the sun, reading, the Farmer's Market, baseball, planning trips, making things, and taking pictures
  • Wearing dresses, one of the best things about spring/summer! And flip flops.
  • Watching The Ellen Show. She is so cool. Seriously. I think she's so genuinely nice and real and hilarious and fun! Watching her show makes my day. Be kind to one another!

    Join in! And let me know, so I can read what you have to say!

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