May 31, 2011

Wisconsin 2011

Making a pit stop for lunch in Okoboji, Mississippi River bridge, fun with sunglasses with the girls, The White Pig with Dad's old friends, cousins, Green Bay Packers house, sky

May 27, 2011


My friend Bethany, decided to start this thing called Thursday(ING) in an attempt to get her friends to write more, which in turn gives her more to read. :) I think it's an awesome idea, and kind of forces me to write something each week, so of course I decided to join in! (And steal the way she did her set-up too!)

(And I'm doing it on a Friday for the first time...whoops) 
  • Nannying a 2 month old for the whole month of May has made me so much more than exhausted everyday.
  • Vacationing to Wisconsin and Minnesota this weekend with my family, and super excited to see tons of family that I haven't seen for a long time.
  • Loving my family, iced coffee, working out, the sun, reading, the Farmer's Market, baseball, planning trips, making things, and taking pictures
  • Wearing dresses, one of the best things about spring/summer! And flip flops.
  • Watching The Ellen Show. She is so cool. Seriously. I think she's so genuinely nice and real and hilarious and fun! Watching her show makes my day. Be kind to one another!

    Join in! And let me know, so I can read what you have to say!

      May 23, 2011

      Rainstorms & Birthdays

      We celebrated another birthday this weekend in my family. The party started out with tons of rain, thunder, lightning, and almost golf ball sized hail! But it went great after that with good food, presents, cake, and ended with all of us under blankets on the porch.

      Storm Chasin'

      I really love a good thunderstorm. These are boring, but I like them...

      Happy Birthday Ellen!

      My very good friend Ellen...who has been talking about hopping on the blogging bandwagon for awhile now and has yet to do it...had a birthday last week. We went out this weekend for it and we had a ton of fun! 

      May 8, 2011

      "As long as I'm living, my Mama you'll be."

      So here's the deal, I know my Mom reads my blog...when she gets a minute between her job, her personal life, working out, and taking care of the rest of the world around her including her kids, grand-kids, coworkers, friends, parents, and siblings, making it to meetings, sporting events, school plays, birthday parties, holidays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, and vacations, not to mention eating and sleeping. Which basically means she'll probably see this post in a really long time...

      This post is completely for her (and let me warn you, it's going to be long!) It's something I want her to come across in a few months, and I want her to truly know what she means to me.

      But, meet my Mom :)

      She's gorgeous, tough, independent, sensitive, caring, strong-willed, kind, selfless, passionate, and amazing. Not to mention stubborn, sarcastic, fun, and hilarious. Everything I know today I learned from her. She taught me how to do everything from cooking and cleaning to changing tires and using tools. :)

      And seriously, my Mom is ALWAYS right. I'm not even kidding. Don't get me wrong, I've known this since I was young, but I never wanted her to be right (because of course I'm just like her and we're both really stubborn) but I finally just gave up and now I just know that whatever she says is right! Always!

      I know this is so cliche, but I really would be nowhere without my Mom (and of course my Dad too, but that post is for Father's Day :) ) My mom amazes me every single day. I see the way she juggles the thousands of things she has to do daily and I know that's where I get that multitasking skill. I see how stressed she can get and still keep her composure and get things done. She can talk to anyone, cares for everyone around her, and will put every other person before herself. She is the most selfless person I've ever met.

      I can't even tell you how lucky I am to have her as my Mom, and I could never ever thank her enough. I don't think I could ever tell her how much I appreciate everything she does for not only me, but everyone that knows her. I'm the person I am today all because of her. I know I can count on Mom to be there for me and help me out in any way I need it. She gives me the only advice I need. I'm proud to say that I get all of my good traits from her :)

      She holds this family together.

      I love being her daughter and I love having her as not only a Mom, but as one of my closest friends. We grow even closer as I get older and it just makes our bond that much stronger. We have so much in common and I love all the times we spend together. I always look forward to tons more and we always have a lot of fun.

      I hope I can be half as good of a Mom as her someday. She taught me how to treat others and how to take care of a family. 

      So I just wanted to tell her thanks for everything. She is the most amazing woman I know and I love her so much!

      And to leave you with some pictures...of course :)

      "I'll like you forever, I'll love you for always, As long as I'm living, my Mama you'll be."