March 26, 2011

Marble Magnets

Yesterday, My friend Brittne and I spent the day making really cheap, easy magnets! After some trouble finding some of the things (and being to 5 different stores) it all was really easy, and went really quick! We found out trying a craft store first is your best bet on finding any of this!

We started with these
Bought some sticky magnetic strips

And started cutting tons of stuff out of magazines

It was tough to find pictures or letters that were the right size, so start saving your magazines! This was the part the took the longest. We also printed some pictures and logos off the internet that we knew we wanted and just couldn't find in the magazines (it only took us two tries to get the sizing right!)

After cutting out the picture, we glued the picture to the marble with some Elmer's scrapbooking glue. Then cut the magnet, and even though it was sticky on one side, we still used some hot glue just to be sure it wouldn't fall off. And these are what we got!

They look pretty sweet on the fridge too!

I think these would make for some fun alphabet magnets too, so that's one of my next projects. 

March 17, 2011

Hailey & Emily

We took some fun ones of my niece Hailey and her friend Emily too!

The Anderson's

I did some pictures of my sister and her family the other day. We only had time to do it in the middle of the day, so the sun wasn't very nice to us, and it was crazy windy! So their hair was all over the place. We got some decent ones though and they turned out cute :)

Be waiting for shoot #2...

 And my favorite :)