July 29, 2010


July 29
Callen wanted to do this puzzle today. It's 300 pieces, and she's 3. I said no.

July 28, 2010


July 28
The zoo has some of the craziest looking animals.

Summer camp is over. The summer flew by and I really can't believe it's over. I'm really sad about giving up this job.


July 27
Here's Hailey on a night hike at the zoo. Travel Camp is really awesome, we get the entire zoo to ourselves for a hike, sleep in the aquarium, and then go on another morning hike.

Travel Camp

July 26
Here's our travel camp group for the week. This was right before a really fun day at Island Oasis.

July 23, 2010


July 23
Her curls are gorgeous. When she grows up, she is going to have the prettiest hair ever!

July 22, 2010


July 22
It's almost over. This was the fastest summer I've ever experienced. It feels like I JUST got back from Hawaii and we started our first week. Now it's the end, tomorrow is the last day out here and I'm going to miss it like crazy! I don't ever want to give up this job.

July 21, 2010


July 21
This girl is gorgeous. She has awesome eyes and really sweet freckles!

July 20, 2010

Melting Beads

July 20
These things are such a pain. Every kid at camp loves them, and they get everywhere.

July 19, 2010


July 19
It is pretty impossible to get a decent picture of my dog. I really should post all the ones that don't turn out, but that would be a ton!


July 18
Yes, I went to Inception...twice in a row. It was amazing, if you haven't seen it yet, go now! It was the best movie I've seen in a really long time!

What is it?

July 18
So I'm starting this new thing. When I forget to take a picture until late at night, I'm going to take one of something weird. So feel free to guess...


July 16
Here's me and Addison at camp this week.

Happy Birthday Kyle!

July 15
Happy Birthday Kyle! Today I went to Lincoln to have dinner with Kyle for his 21st. Don't worry, he's still alive!

Soooo behind on pictures, I've been taking them, just haven't been around my computer to upload them, so here's a ton!

July 14, 2010


July 14
Today was a scorching hot day at camp, and it ended with a crazy rain storm!

July 13, 2010

Salt Water Taffy

July 13
This is the best stuff ever! Jonathan bought us salt water taffy from Estes Park. Yum!

July 12, 2010


July 12
Here's Grandma and Landon watching some t-ball.

River Rat

July 11
This is River Rat volleyball. They set up a bunch of nets in the Republican River, and 50 teams play tons of games to make it to the finals. It's a really fun time!


July 10
We started the day in Holbrook for the Road Rally, we were given clues and had to solve all of them to find our way through random country roads and back.

That night we went to the parade. You definitely get much more candy at small town parades!

Western Nebraska

July 9
My parents and I headed to western Nebraska this weekend for some annual fun with the family. This is the HUGE town of Edison, Nebraska where my aunt lives. There's like 27 people left in this town...okay that's a stretch, it has like maybe 75. But it feels like a lot less!

July 8, 2010


July 8
I've wanted to stop by this house to take pictures for as long as I can remember, but every time I drive by, I'm always in a hurry to get from Lincoln to Columbus or vise versa. Today, I just stopped for a quick picture, but am definitely going back sometime soon!

July 7, 2010


July 7
This girl, is almost a teenager! That scares me to death! She's supposed to be my little niece, but she really isn't that little anymore...she's gorgeous though and super fun! Look at those freckles...and those eyes!

July 6, 2010


July 6
Today I went outside to find something worthwhile to take a picture of for the day. Before I even made it past my garage I found this, a lone sunflower with the sunset.

July 5, 2010


July 5
Candy. My biggest weakness, you really can't go wrong with candy...

Okay that's a lie, you definitely can. But only if you add gross stuff like coconut or peppermint.

These are sitting around my house today, and they are verrryyy tempting!

Happy 4th!

July 4
The 4th of July is easily my favorite holiday. I love everything about it!

The Works

July 3
I had hundreds of pictures to choose from for today, and I picked this one. I'm not sure why I like it so much, but I think it's really sweet.

My family tanked with the Curry's today down the Cedar River and then headed to Cody's for the party. Tons of people, tons of food, and a whole lot of fun! It was a good day.

July 2, 2010

The Best

July 2
Strawberries and grapes. Easily the best mixture of anything ever.

July 1, 2010