November 28, 2010


November 28
I finnnallyy made it to the store to buy this stuff so I can start on my painting.


November 27
We took the kids to the movies tonight, she wanted to smile with her 3D glasses on, and when I said to hang on a second, she gave me that look.

2nd day

November 26
Today we went back to my sister's to watch the game, play more games, and eat the rest of the food we didn't eat for Thanksgiving. I forgot to take a picture until right before we were leaving, so he posed for me.

Give Thanks

November 25
How can you not like Thanksgiving? It's a holiday about food...and food is awesome. Everyone always forgets about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving marks the end of Fall, it means you can start listening to Christmas music, and put your tree up (but not till the day after!), it means winter clothes, and the fact that it can snow now without me getting sad that it's snowing during Fall. Thanksgiving is awesome!

I only took a few pictures today, but here's one of the few desserts we had. We always make way too much food and have leftovers forever...


November 24
I never thought I would love this town as much as I do. Everyone grew up wanting to leave as soon as possible, and now I can't wait for the times I get to visit. This year, I have got to go back a lot, and I love being home.


November 23
I wasn't going to have a camera today, so I had to click a quick picture before I gave it up...

This year your highest priority will be your family

November 22, 2010


November 22
I walked by this leaf today, and thought it looked really awesome. It was super icy out today!


November 21
It's the time of year for my family to start a puzzle. We love having one on the table and wasting all of our time trying to put it together!

Dove Fortunes

November 20
I had a craving for these forever, and finally got some! Don't ruin your wrapper, there's fortunes on them!


November 19
I came to Columbus today, and went to my mom's work holiday party. This is what all the workers were dressed like.


November 18
My bed has looked awesome to me this week. It's been busy, and Thanksgiving break couldn't have come soon enough!


November 17
Ooops, I'm majorly playing catch-up today...

November 16, 2010


November 16
Here's a mug I painted at Paint Yourself Silly. I remembered I had spiced tea and have been using this!


November 15
This is what it looks like when I leave work now. At 5:30! I really am not a fan of it getting dark early!

It's A Boy!"

November 14
I had Karla's baby shower today and I can't wait for this little boy to be here!


November 13
I went to the Husker game today against Kansas. Besides it being freezing, it was really fun!


November 12
Here's Collin playing a show, annnddd it snowed today!


November 11
These flowers are sitting on my table at home...


November 10
I had a really awesome picture for today, but I uploaded it on my computer, deleted it off my camera, and then realized it was nowhere to be found on my I had to do an uber boring one...

November 9, 2010


November 9
I had to teach my lesson for a class today and we did Jackson Pollock abstract paintings, the paint looked really awesome after people had mixed it and I loved it!

Here's another that I thought was really sweet...


November 8
The weather has been awesome! It's been 70 degrees November! I hope this doesn't mean that winter will last forever though!

November 7, 2010


November 7
This is the last picture that is going to be forced, I forgot to take a picture again today, until it was at least 5 o'clock, and I was spending the rest of the night doing homework, so I took one quick...again.


November 6
I never thought this picture a day thing would test my creativity so much, but this week it's been really hard!

Full Day

November 5
I had a full day today crossing stuff off my to-do list. Ellen and I went to the Mosaic for our class, then we went to dinner, met up with her friend, hit up all the art galleries for First Fridays, stopped at Buffalo Wild Wing's for Adam's 21st birthday, then ended the night with half off pajama night at Paint Yourself Silly.


November 4
I'm really running out of things to take pictures of...but here's a bowl I made in high school. Everything I take with me everyday goes into this bowl when I get home at night.

Nothing is Impossible

November 3
Nothing is Impossible


November 2
I only have 2 months left, and I'm totally slacking...

November 1, 2010


November 1
November 1st...what?! Where the heck did this year go? It's going so fast!


October 31
Happy Halloween! I am soooo not a fan of this holiday, but this pumpkin snowman arrangement made me laugh. I'm not quite sure what's even going on..pumpkin monster is eating pumpkin snowman babies? Hmm....


October 30
So, I actually took another picture of my mom's awesome decorations at our house in Columbus, but today when I was uploading them, I accidentally deleted it...and this was the only one I had left from the day. Whooopss!


October 29
Our house in Columbus is so fall-y. It feels so much like home...and I love my mom's decorations!


October 28
Here's the little girl I nanny for. She's a doll!


October 27
One of my friends had to borrow my camera the entire day for an event, so I used one of his pictures for my picture of the day. Isn't this girl gorgeous?!


October 26
Here's another one of the things I'm paying for to do in college. At least it's fun!