June 8, 2010

Pearl Harbor

June 7
It was a very early day for the 10 of us! We woke up at 4:00am and were on the road for Pearl Harbor. We stood in line for awhile, before buying our tickets and touring the memorial. We boarded our boat for the USS Arizona around 8:00am. The memorial is amazing. You can see the top of the Arizona, and some of it is even out of the water. Oil is still leaking out of the ship almost 70 years after it sunk. After touring the Arizona memorial for awhile we took the boat back and went onto the Bowfin. The submarine is a really awesome place to tour. There is no way I would be able to live in that small of a place for that long! It's so tiny and the beds are very small. Then we took a shuttle over to the USS Missouri on the naval base. The ship is almost 900 feet long! We took a short guided tour through the Missouri and then walked around for a little while. We took the shuttle back and talked with 3 survivors of Pearl Harbor and got autographed books. We stopped to eat lunch after that. Half of us stayed and went to Waikiki to shop for awhile and half of us headed back to the house. The rest of the night we just sat around the house, we have another VERY early morning ahead of us!

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