June 3, 2010


June 2
Hawaii's finally here!

My mom, dad, Kyle, and I left Columbus around 2am for Omaha. We made it to the airport and Mom was completely surprised. She had no idea that everyone else was going. I can't believe we pulled it off without her finding out anything! She was mad at herself for not catching on! Our flight left at 6am and we got to Phoenix and had a layover for a few hours. After spending tons of money on very little food at the airport, we were finally on our way to Hawaii.

We landed after a 6 hour flight and headed to get our rental cars. After that was all settled we headed for the house. We took a major detour through some creepy neighborhoods but finally made it! Our house is amazing...4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, right on the beach, with a hot tub outside, plus a ton of other fun stuff like kayaks, surfboards, and games!

After we got everything into the house, we headed into town to eat dinner and get groceries. We ate at a place called Killer Taco and then went to the Malama Market for groceries. We spent tons of money and got lots of snacks and drinks!

We spent tonight in the hottub, watching the sunset, and playing cards with lots of music. Despite my dad AND Kyle walking through the screen door already, nothing major has happened and everything has gone according to plans!

I'm totally looking forward to this trip with my awesome family! It's going to be a blast and we have lots of sweet stuff planned. As for tonight we're all super screwed up on time, and ready to relax and go to bed!

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