June 5, 2010


June 4
Today was awesome! We woke up early again, and hung around the house for a few hours. Then me, Dusty, Kala, mom, and dad went to go hiking. We missed the trail and found a state park but it ended up to be really sweet! We hiked along the rocks on the beach for about an hour and saw lots of crabs, fish, and found some sweet seashells. We headed back to the house and hung around outside and grilled hotdogs for lunch.

We all showered, got ready, and started for Honolulu for our dinner cruise. After we checked in, we shopped at the Aloha Marketplace for a little while until the ship boarded. The dinner cruise was a really good time. Our tables were right next to the window and the view was awesome! For dinner it was another buffet similar to the one we ate last night. We had salad, rolls, fruit, chicken, fish, pork, rice, and potatoes. It was a pretty good meal, and we had entertainment during dinner again. A lot of hula girls, and tons of music. We went out around Waikiki Beach and past Diamond Head, and then turned around toward the sunset to head back into the dock. We were lucky enough to see dolphins too! They only jumped a few times but I actually managed to click a quick picture when one of them was out of the water and it turned out decent. Our GPS is really dumb, and we almost died multiple times in the car but we had a really fun ride home!

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