June 10, 2010


June 9
Today we woke up around 8am, had to check out of our house at 11am, and our flight didn't leave til 10:50pm. Needless to say it was pretty much the longest day of our lives. After we checked out we went into town for a little last minute shopping and lunch. Then we were off to the Dole Plantation. Instead of touring the whole thing on the garden tour and train ride, we just walked around by ourselves. I had no idea pineapples grew out of the ground, I definitely would've guessed they grew on a tree! We had some pineapple ice cream and then checked out the gift shop. We decided to just head to the airport early. We got there and checked in and went through security and hung around our gate all day! We watched some movies, took some naps, and ate some food. After what seemed like forever our flight left and we had a short layover in Phoenix.

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