June 6, 2010


June 5
Today was a relaxing sort of day. After we woke up super early, Dad and I went for a run down the beach. Sand running is the hardest workout I've ever done! We watched a lady paint a picture of the ocean and the mountain, and got completely soaked running through the water! But it was a good run and an awesome workout.

We hung around the house for awhile and then went to town for lunch. We ate at Spaghettini and had pizza and salad. Dusty and Kala had went hiking early in the morning so we took a really awesome drive along the ocean to pick them up and then headed back to the house.

Kala and I went swimming for awhile. Then we went to Joe's Seafood for dinner. I tried a whole bunch of seafood that I've never had like crab legs, lobster, and lots of different kinds of fish. We spent a whole bunch of money on dinner and then watched a cat fight in the parking lot! We stopped for ice cream and walked through an art gallery before coming back to the house for more time in the hottub and games.

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