June 29, 2010


June 29
Another day at camp. We spent our afternoon swimming and boating and then doing string and melting beads. It's a really good break from the little ones!

June 28, 2010


June 28
Another sunglasses picture...this week we have forty 4 and 5 year olds at camp. It is an exhausting morning, and then we get to hang out with 10 really awesome older kids for the afternoon. Here's Mitchell, buried in the sand.

June 27, 2010


June 27
Today was a lazy day at home for me. I had the house to myself, so after I worked out, I sat around at home and watched movies and slept all day!


June 26
Headed to Lincoln today. We watched the soccer game downtown, and even though we lost, it was a really fun time! Then Cody and I went to Kyle and Megan's wedding with the kids.

June 25, 2010


June 25
This skit is awesome! These 2 were prisoners that were on a cooking show, they ended up throwing sugar and flower all over each other, cracking eggs on each other's heads, and pouring milk all over their faces!

Pigging Out!

June 24
A camp counselor has got to eat, and we definitely had to tonight! Our kids were absolutely horrible, we had to skip s'mores AND a campfire because they were so crazy! After they were all in their sleeping bags, we totally pigged out!

Ring Pop

June 23
Another picture of Callen! She actually liked the camera today, which has never happened before!

June 21, 2010


June 21
This girl has got some gorgeous eyes!


June 20
Toy Story 3. Wow. It was pretty much amazing, definitely just as good as the first two. I loved it!

And I love these kids. They're so crazy, and acted perfect in a 3D movie...which I was a little nervous about!

June 19, 2010

Coffee Shop

June 19
Today I woke up and headed to Stromsburg with my parents for the Swedish Festival. My dad always runs the race and then we hang out downtown for awhile. This is a really awesome coffee shop right next to the town square. We have made it a routine to go in every year because it's such a cool building and has really good drinks!

June 18, 2010

"You're sweet!"

June 18
The first week of camp is already over. I can't believe we only have 5 weeks left!

This kid was the coolest kid in the history of the world.

June 17, 2010


June 17
Here's the road to camp. I'm really going to hate the day that I have to give up this job. I want to keep it forever!


June 16
Drinking a mountain dew during your t-ball game? Only this kid.

He stood on 2nd base and wouldn't run to third because he "liked second better." Then, he ran right out of his shoe and was hopping all over the field. He is hilarious.

June 15, 2010


June 15
I did promise my picture of the day was going to get better, but today, I completely forgot to take one until it was late!

June 14, 2010


Watched Addie play some tball tonight. Here's Landon, being ornery and drooling like crazy!


June 13
I have been really lame at pictures since I got back from Hawaii. But I promise they are going to get better!

June 12, 2010


June 12
She was loving the camera today, so we laid around in the yard took some fun pictures.


June 11
Got to work one day of camp finally! I can't wait for next week to start, it's going to be a really awesome summer!

June 10, 2010


June 10
We finally made it back to Omaha! Jet lag has definitely got the best of every one of us and we are completely exhausted! Sleeping on a plane never goes well for me either. But brushing my teeth, showering, and napping has never sounded so good. Hopefully we get caught up and get ahead of jet lag fast because tomorrow it's back to real life!

And here's the Tiki man we bought in Hawaii.


June 9
Today we woke up around 8am, had to check out of our house at 11am, and our flight didn't leave til 10:50pm. Needless to say it was pretty much the longest day of our lives. After we checked out we went into town for a little last minute shopping and lunch. Then we were off to the Dole Plantation. Instead of touring the whole thing on the garden tour and train ride, we just walked around by ourselves. I had no idea pineapples grew out of the ground, I definitely would've guessed they grew on a tree! We had some pineapple ice cream and then checked out the gift shop. We decided to just head to the airport early. We got there and checked in and went through security and hung around our gate all day! We watched some movies, took some naps, and ate some food. After what seemed like forever our flight left and we had a short layover in Phoenix.

June 9, 2010


June 8
It was an early morning for all of us today. The boys were up at 4:00am for fishing all day. The girls woke up a little later and went to watch Kelli hang glide. After her flight, we headed into Honolulu for a day of shopping. We spent the entire day at the International Market Place and ate at California Pizza Kitchen before coming back to the house. Everyone is pretty exhausted today and we're just spending the night at the house. The boys did have a successful day though, they caught 9 fish total.

June 8, 2010

Pearl Harbor

June 7
It was a very early day for the 10 of us! We woke up at 4:00am and were on the road for Pearl Harbor. We stood in line for awhile, before buying our tickets and touring the memorial. We boarded our boat for the USS Arizona around 8:00am. The memorial is amazing. You can see the top of the Arizona, and some of it is even out of the water. Oil is still leaking out of the ship almost 70 years after it sunk. After touring the Arizona memorial for awhile we took the boat back and went onto the Bowfin. The submarine is a really awesome place to tour. There is no way I would be able to live in that small of a place for that long! It's so tiny and the beds are very small. Then we took a shuttle over to the USS Missouri on the naval base. The ship is almost 900 feet long! We took a short guided tour through the Missouri and then walked around for a little while. We took the shuttle back and talked with 3 survivors of Pearl Harbor and got autographed books. We stopped to eat lunch after that. Half of us stayed and went to Waikiki to shop for awhile and half of us headed back to the house. The rest of the night we just sat around the house, we have another VERY early morning ahead of us!

June 7, 2010

The Blues

June 6
Awesome day today! I woke up early and went for a run. After hanging around for most of the morning, we packed lunches and went into town. We stopped at world famous Matsumoto's shaved ice place, and ate some really good snow cones. Then we went to the Waimea Bay beach for the rest of the day. I snorkeled for the first time and saw tons of fish and was an arm's length away from a sea turtle, probably one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.

We jumped off this rock a few times. It took a lot to get up there and get the courage to actually jump, but once you did it was super fun! We stopped at Pizza Bob's for dinner and had some pretty decent pizza and then finally came back to the house. Everyone single one of us is fried, despite using loads of sunscreen! Tomorrow is Pearl Harbor, and we're hoping we aren't miserable for that!

June 6, 2010


June 5
Today was a relaxing sort of day. After we woke up super early, Dad and I went for a run down the beach. Sand running is the hardest workout I've ever done! We watched a lady paint a picture of the ocean and the mountain, and got completely soaked running through the water! But it was a good run and an awesome workout.

We hung around the house for awhile and then went to town for lunch. We ate at Spaghettini and had pizza and salad. Dusty and Kala had went hiking early in the morning so we took a really awesome drive along the ocean to pick them up and then headed back to the house.

Kala and I went swimming for awhile. Then we went to Joe's Seafood for dinner. I tried a whole bunch of seafood that I've never had like crab legs, lobster, and lots of different kinds of fish. We spent a whole bunch of money on dinner and then watched a cat fight in the parking lot! We stopped for ice cream and walked through an art gallery before coming back to the house for more time in the hottub and games.

June 5, 2010


June 4
Today was awesome! We woke up early again, and hung around the house for a few hours. Then me, Dusty, Kala, mom, and dad went to go hiking. We missed the trail and found a state park but it ended up to be really sweet! We hiked along the rocks on the beach for about an hour and saw lots of crabs, fish, and found some sweet seashells. We headed back to the house and hung around outside and grilled hotdogs for lunch.

We all showered, got ready, and started for Honolulu for our dinner cruise. After we checked in, we shopped at the Aloha Marketplace for a little while until the ship boarded. The dinner cruise was a really good time. Our tables were right next to the window and the view was awesome! For dinner it was another buffet similar to the one we ate last night. We had salad, rolls, fruit, chicken, fish, pork, rice, and potatoes. It was a pretty good meal, and we had entertainment during dinner again. A lot of hula girls, and tons of music. We went out around Waikiki Beach and past Diamond Head, and then turned around toward the sunset to head back into the dock. We were lucky enough to see dolphins too! They only jumped a few times but I actually managed to click a quick picture when one of them was out of the water and it turned out decent. Our GPS is really dumb, and we almost died multiple times in the car but we had a really fun ride home!

June 4, 2010

Waking Up

June 3
This is what I woke up to this morning. Because of stupid jet lag, we all were up super early! Dad and I went running and found another really awesome public beach. We came back, had some breakfast, spent the early parts of the morning on the lawn chairs in the backyard, and then all headed to the beach for the rest of the morning. This was my first time actually swimming in the ocean and it was super fun. Everyone tried out the kayak, and the boogie boards were sweet!

We all came back to the house and got ready and then headed into town for lunch and some shopping. We ate at a sandwich place called Kono's and it was really good. Then we all walked around in some souvenir shops. At about 3pm we started for our luau, which was about a 45 minute drive from where we were.

The Paradise Cove Luau was an awesome time. Right when we walked in, we got tropical drinks and our pictures taken with some of the workers. The first 2 hours were spent doing crafts and games. We made headbands out of coconut leaves and bracelets of flowers. Everyone got some Polynesian tattoos and lots more drinks. Then we watched some fun stuff like hula lessons, catching fish, tree climbing, and the Imu Ceremony. We started our buffet dinner which was salad, different kinds of pasta salads, bread, chicked, fish, salmon, rice, and lots of different desserts. We ate while listening to some music from the band. After we were done eating the entertainment started. We watched lots of dancing and hula, with some really sweet music. It was a really awesome time and I'm really glad we went!

June 3, 2010


June 2
Hawaii's finally here!

My mom, dad, Kyle, and I left Columbus around 2am for Omaha. We made it to the airport and Mom was completely surprised. She had no idea that everyone else was going. I can't believe we pulled it off without her finding out anything! She was mad at herself for not catching on! Our flight left at 6am and we got to Phoenix and had a layover for a few hours. After spending tons of money on very little food at the airport, we were finally on our way to Hawaii.

We landed after a 6 hour flight and headed to get our rental cars. After that was all settled we headed for the house. We took a major detour through some creepy neighborhoods but finally made it! Our house is amazing...4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, right on the beach, with a hot tub outside, plus a ton of other fun stuff like kayaks, surfboards, and games!

After we got everything into the house, we headed into town to eat dinner and get groceries. We ate at a place called Killer Taco and then went to the Malama Market for groceries. We spent tons of money and got lots of snacks and drinks!

We spent tonight in the hottub, watching the sunset, and playing cards with lots of music. Despite my dad AND Kyle walking through the screen door already, nothing major has happened and everything has gone according to plans!

I'm totally looking forward to this trip with my awesome family! It's going to be a blast and we have lots of sweet stuff planned. As for tonight we're all super screwed up on time, and ready to relax and go to bed!

June 1, 2010


June 1
Packing. It's really a love/hate relationship for everyone isn't it? I love to pack because I know it means I'm usually going somewhere awesome. But I hate to pack, because I never know what to bring, what the weather is going to be like, or what I'm going to be in the mood to wear.

Regardless, Hawaii here we come!!!