July 20, 2009

Rallies & Races

Last weekend we went up to western Nebraska small towns. They had Holbrook Days going on so there was a whole bunch of stuff we did with my cousins. They had a Road Rally, which is like a scavenger hunt on country roads that you have to figure out..it was prettty fun, and we got jipped because we totally won! But then we went to the parade where we got tons of candy. Then on Sunday we played River Volleyball...it was super fun and I want to do it again next year! Here's our road rally team : )

Thursday and Friday we didn't have camp. So my dad and I woke up Thursday and took Kelli to the airport and then drove to Lincoln. Thursday night we all went out to eat with Kala & Dusty and then Friday all day we watched Dusty play Cornhusker sand volleyball. They did really well and got second. Saturday Hailey & Dad ran in David City and then I slept allll day. And Sunday was Landon's baptism, and then did some DQ with Jonathan & Adam.

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