June 15, 2009


Sooo..I've always thought about starting a blog. But I don't think that my life is exciting enough to write about every day. I just kinda want one so I have yet another place to post photography. But I guess I'll try it out for awhile.

To start, this weekend was amazing. Dinner and Coldplay..it was soooo good. One of the most amazing concerts I've ever been to. Lights and HD screens...very great.

But, kids at camp were insane today...standing up in canoes, picking up spiders and caterpillars, forgetting lunches and swimsuits. It was a crazzzy day! But at least it didn't rain all day and we got to swim for awhile, which makes everyone happy. Hopefully it will get nicer out this week though.

And on another note, I really love Friends. More than anything. I want every season on DVD so I can watch it all day every day. That's why DVR is the greatest invention since the lightbulb.

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