June 19, 2009


I had a realllllyy awesome week..........NOT!

First of all, my camera JUST broke. Really fricking awesome. I was saving up for a new one but wanted to keep my old one to carry around and stuff and now I have to fricking pay to fix it. Dammmitttt!

There was a river at camp this week too, where there never was one before.

It rained so much Sunday night, that we drove out to camp and there was a flowing river on our playing field. Fish and all, no capture the flag that day. It's all dried up now, but seriously, the rain has got to stop. I'm sick of working at a summer camp where we can't swim and stuff because of stupid rain.

I reallly want to go see the Hangover tonight too. It would be really great if I could finally see that movie because I've tried like 4 times, and something always happens where I can't. Last time it was sold out...in Columbus, it's crazy.

We had insane children again this week though. They wore me out. And I couldn't be happier that this stupid week is over with.

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