June 18, 2018

Morgan | June 2018

Miss Morgan started out her life a week late and in the NICU! She was an ultimate dream baby once I showed up. She also has the cutest room ever!

This is totally one of those sessions where I *accidentally* overshare because I wanted to take her right home with me!

June 17, 2018

Father's Day

To the man who makes us laugh every single day. He is alllwaayyysss singing...mostly the wrong lyrics/made up songs. He is dancing and being a weirdo and doing whatever he can to get his girl to smile. Larson is learning that this is just a regular thing around here and smiles and dances right along with him. She hears his voice when he gets home and sprint crawls to see him. We're a big fan of this Daddy over here!

June 13, 2018

The Pool!

Another pool post because I can't resist this swimsuit!

My nieces play sports here a lot of weekends, so my sister's family usually comes up and camps. This campground has everything! They have a pool and hot tub and tons of things for the kids to do like bike rentals and water balloons.

We usually try and make it up there at some point to see them and enjoy the pool for a little bit!

It was pretty chilly, but Larson still loved it of course! She can't get enough of the water!

I threw in two pictures from her swim lesson too! She learned how to go under water and climb the side of the pool!

June 12, 2018

The Huskers!

There really is no place like Nebraska. The Good Life is the best kind of life! We're just over here wondering if it is football season yet?

My husbands job is really wonderful and does fantastic things for their employees. One of these things during Hudl Week this year was a tour of the stadium. If you know anything about Nebraska footaball, you know it isn't taken lightly around here so it's always awesome to get to see our facilities and feel the amazingness of this place!

Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some photos of this girl on the field. Who knows, maybe she'll be a Husker someday!

Photo dump below...