Benjamin | Newborn

"Booking At the Most Unusual Place" award goes to little Benjamin and his Mama.

A couple weeks ago, I showed up at an all girls fantasy football draft and we got to talking about Benjamin's mom and her upcoming due date. About a week later I got an email that Benjamin had come and a couple days later they came to my house and I got to hang out with this little guy all afternoon! He's a serious boy and has the best baby lips!

Look at those baby rolls! My favorite!

Dowding Family

Last week, Adam and I went for a bike ride and came across an amazing sunflower field that I had to shoot in as soon as I possibly could. Put up a quick status on my facebook page, and I bring you this...

This girl is super hilarious and loves the camera!

Plus some more fun around town..


When I got the email from Amanda for another shoot, I was so excited! I got to see Mr. Ayden again 6 months later, and plus they're a super fun family and Amanda is the sister of one of my oldest friends.

This shoot was so much fun and we had such a smiley face to work with. I'm also feeling so great because I finally feel that I have found the style I've been striving for, brand new business cards are ordered, and all I ever want to do is shoot!

Enjoy some pictures of handsome Ayden!