Martin's Hillside Orchard

A couple of weeks ago, I surprised Adam with a day date to Martin's Hillside Orchard to pick apples! The whole drive there he kept asking me if I was taking him to a haunted house. "Is it a haunted house? Are you going to make me walk through a creepy house? I'm not going if this is a haunted house. This is a dumb date." Blah blah blah.

This dude is a little bit afraid of scary things like that.
Thankfully, he was surprised and excited when we pulled up and he saw the sign for the Orchard!

This place is super cute and fun! Basically it's a scaled down pumpkin patch where you just have to pay for your fruit that you get. We went on a hayrack ride and in a corn maze and spent forever picking raspberries and apples.
Turns out mosquitos love raspberries, so if you go here, wear a whole bunch of bug spray. I was covered to the point of it looking like I had a disease. And of course, Adam didn't get one. 
But picking the fruit was fun and we spent quite a bit of time there looking for good raspberries and finding apples without worms in them. 
A couple days later I made my first apple pie with some of the apples we got. These fruits were so much better than what you buy at the store!

We can't wait to go back and pick some pumpkins! And if you go, make sure you try an apple cider slushie, thanks to a great tip from my friend Kristen!

Groteluschen | 2014

Tiffany and I have been friends for almost 20 (!) years! And when she asked if I would do a session with her whole family I was pretty excited! I spent a lot of time at their house when I was little and they are definitely some of my favorites. Their pictures were so easy when you have so many good looking people put into one shot!


One of my favorite shots ever. They all look so happy! 

Benjamin | Newborn

"Booking At the Most Unusual Place" award goes to little Benjamin and his Mama.

A couple weeks ago, I showed up at an all girls fantasy football draft and we got to talking about Benjamin's mom and her upcoming due date. About a week later I got an email that Benjamin had come and a couple days later they came to my house and I got to hang out with this little guy all afternoon! He's a serious boy and has the best baby lips!

Look at those baby rolls! My favorite!