November 19, 2017


We had lots of changes happen in the last year! 

Christensen | October 2017

These guys were new clients for me and they were thee easiest people ever! We were in and out of their shoot in less than 15 minutes! They smiled, they laughed, they loved on each other, and we were done! 

So easy when you have beautiful people in a beautiful space! 

Enjoy, Christensen's! 

Jack | October 2017

Jack turned ONE already! I feel like I just shot his newborn photos, which feels like it was only a couple weeks ago. This kid has some amazzzinnnggg hair! He is so smiley and is almost walking!

Baptism Outfit

I got baptized with I was 3 months old. Coincidentally my mom brought down the tote of all of my childhood things the week before Larson turned 3 months old and this outfit had to go on our girl for a picture.

Larson actually looks quite a bit like me most of the time, but in this photo, I don't even think she looks a little bit like me! I was a chunky little thing and Larson hasn't quite caught up to the status of my chunky thighs, but she's getting there! Clearly I wasn't too happy in this picture!

November 18, 2017

Williams Family | October 2017

I met this family a couple years ago right after little Avery was born. I've loved seeing them a couple times since then and Anthony is such a smiley guy! Once I got Avery to warm up, she gave us some toothy grins too!