September 21, 2017

Larson | O N E M O N T H

One Month Old
This month Larson tailgated at her first Husker game, goes on walks with Mom every morning, went to The Farmer's Market, took her first trip to Columbus, and went to a high school football game. She's eating like a champ, sleeping for 3-4 hours at night, and started smiling!

Laying on her changing table
Being outside
Being in the sling
Her stroller and the car
Nature sounds
Watching the dogs walk by

Doesn't Like:
Being hungry
Her hands being covered
When her pacifier falls out

September 20, 2017

Picture Overload

We've had almost one whole month with our girl and I can't even believe it. I am stuck somewhere between wanting to watch her grow and loving all the new things she does, but needing her to stay this tiny.

All of my posts will basically just be picture overload because it's a place to hold all of our memories. If you don't enjoy pictures of little, ginger haired, tiny babies then you might want to bypass this blog.

September 17, 2017

Bath Time

Larson is most definitely not yet a fan of baths! I'm hoping there are lots of opportunities in the future for some bath posts where she is splashing, playing, and actually enjoying herself!

But I can't resist her all wrapped up and smelling of those sweet baby smells!

And I love this picture way too much to not be able to post it somewhere! :)

Going Home!

There's something funny that happens when we were ready to leave the hospital with your brand new first baby.

You're sitting in bed in the hospital room and they tell you that you can start packing up to leave and you're so excited! You want to put your baby in their "going home outfit" (that doesn't fit because she's too tiny) and you picture getting home and all the things you and your husband have been waiting for! Your super proud husband carries the carseat down the hallway (and your heart bursts)!

Your nurse walks you down to your car and you put the carseat in and say your "thank you's" and then you drive away....

And suddenly you're hit with a feeling kinda like "OMG they let us take a baby home?!"

Don't worry, we didn't forget every single thing we knew about babies (which I felt would happen) and all was well when Larson met her fur sisters and brother! She got her tour of her home and then promptly pooped all over her outfit - good thing it wasn't a special "going home" outfit after all!

September 15, 2017

In The Hospital

I took my camera to the hospital, and I couldn't be happier that I did. There are just too many shots that I want to share and have here on this little blog. So here's some more :)

Larson's quivering lip while she's crying wrapped her Dad right around her finger immediately and here I am three weeks later still having a hard time knowing she's actually here and a GIRL and that she's ours :) 

First bath and footprints!

Not knowing the gender was so much fun! When she came out, I was surprised at how focused I was on just "Baby!" and not at all on if it was a boy or girl until Adam announced it to me!

We had tons of visitors in the hospital coming to meet her and tried to catch up on some sleep before heading home!