September 19, 2018

Growing A Watermelon!

Daddy has been growing watermelon in his garden and today they were finally ready to be picked!

A baby one for Lars and a whopping 30 pounder too!

She goes crazy over things like this that she hasn't held before and just kept slapping the sides of it like she watched her Dad do!

Good thing she loves watermelon because we're going to be eating it for months!

September 16, 2018

Larson's First Birthday Party

Little Miss had her first birthday party a couple weeks ago! I didn't get tons of pictures but we got enough to remember the moment!

We went with a watermelon theme since that is one of Larson's absolute favorite foods! Everyone chipped in to help make all the super, simple watermelon things - because simple is totally our style! She had a great, little day celebrating!

Thanks to the grandmas who brought goodies, Uncle Dusty and Aunt Kala for letting us use their basement since it was 115 degrees outside, and Katie for being our bakery when we need one! And to all the people who came to celebrate our sweet girl.

We can't get enough of this girl!

Romper from Modern Tot

Hank Ray | August 2018

I love this little Hanky so much!

September 2, 2018

Larson's Cake Smash!

If you know Larson at all, you know that she is happy 99% of the time unless she is tired. Girlfriend smiles and laughs 24/7. Turns out that she is terrified of this cake and hated every single moment of it. She screamed like crazy!

Thankfully she got over this fear in time for her birthday party and actually dug right in...that post coming soon!

Thanks to our friend Katie for being our own personal Betty Crocker and creating this cutest cake ever!