October 18, 2017

Martin's Hillside Orchard

A couple years ago Adam and I went to this orchard as a surprise day date I planned for him. Today we got to go again and take Larson along!

If you are looking for a fun little day trip that's cheap, adorable, and fun...go here! It's so cheap to get in and your admission goes toward your fruit. There are hay rack rides, play areas for kids, a corn maze, and a flower garden, They also have all kinds of yummy pumpkin patch type foods!

Larson slept her way right through her first pumpkin patch trip and clearly had a blast.

October 15, 2017

Morning Stretches

I saw a quote once that said:

"Why do we swaddle our baby at night? So they sleep better."

"No way. It's for the cute stretches they do when you take it off in the morning."

That couldn't be more true for this girl! Every morning I just fall in love with these stretches she lets out when the swaddle comes off. I don't ever want to forget them, so I had to capture them.

September 25, 2017

Gangsta Napper

Brittne got Larson this adorable onesie and we almost missed the time it fit her since she is growing so dang fast!

Mini photo shoot below... :) :)

September 21, 2017

Larson | O N E M O N T H

One Month Old
This month Larson tailgated at her first Husker game, goes on walks with Mom every morning, went to The Farmer's Market, took her first trip to Columbus, and went to a high school football game. She's eating like a champ, sleeping for 3-4 hours at night, and started smiling!

9 pounds 0 ounces
22.5 inches

Laying on her changing table
Being outside
Being in the sling
Her stroller and the car
Nature sounds
Watching the dogs walk by

Doesn't Like:
Being hungry
Her hands being covered
When her pacifier falls out