A Smattering of Happenings

^That's one of my favorite phrases to use...

Oh, hey guys.

Remember me? I had a goal for this here blog. It was to post more pictures of my actual life, instead of just sessions. I've done pretty well on getting sessions up...almost 100% caught up. But on the personal level...not so much. So here's life lately for those of you that are actually asking!

  • We moved!! I promise (!!!) I will get a post up about my house soon. I know, I know...there's been lots of questions about what it looks like, and I will take them as soon as we actually get around to putting everything away (which is almost done!) Here's just a sneak of a couple of my favorite parts!

 There's built in bookshelves (!) and a claw foot tub! I'm sort of in love!
  • I'm almost done with my first year as a kindergarten teacher! I can't believe this year is almost over, because it flew by! You know what they (whoever 'they' are) say about getting older and life just flying by...well it's true, 100% and I'm not a huge fan! I feel like last week was my first day and it's nuts that it's almost done! BUT I'm moving to 2nd grade next year! I'm all kinds of excited and annoyed, but mostly already ready for a change!

  • I'm training for my first half marathon! I have been meaning to do one for so many years and stuff always ending up getting in the way. Last year, my Dad ran the full with my brother and I wanted to wait until this year so he could run it with me, so I finally just decided to sign up and quit making excuses! Training hurts..

  • Spring is happening! Spring fever like crazy over here, guys. And this year...I have a yard! A yard that is growing plants and flowers as we speak! I have an outside table and chairs and a grill and a porch! Finally! The coolest part is that I have no idea what kinds of things the people before us planted, so it's going to be a surprise when stuff starts blooming!

  • My cat is a person. But that's not anything new.

Little Miss Alexa

Little Miss Alexa is my cousin's daughter and I got to hang out with her while on a recent trip to Wisconsin to see family! We had so much fun playing around and I even got some good, quality belly laughs!

It's funny how different a session with a newborn is compared to a baby that's already a few months old! I can't say which one I love more! As long as it deals with babies, I love it!

Here are some of this little sweetheart!

Couldn't quite decide on color or black and white for this one! Look at her baby blues!

All headbands made by Carlee of Cutie Patuties!

Mr. Ayden

Meet Mr. Ayden.

I got a call from one of my good friends on my birthday to tell me that she had her little girl, Elladee. Unfortunately they live in Memphis right now, so I'm not able to take her pictures until they come back for a Nebraska visit! But fortunately, her sister also had a baby a week later and Anne had already got Amanda a session for her baby shower. So I got to make the trip to Omaha to not only meet Baby Ayden, but take some pictures of him and his family!

I had a ton of fun on this shoot and he finally let us get some adorable shots!


Adam went with me to this shoot, so he took tons of pictures for me (which I never get to have)! I love this one!

Moving Day

Friends, I'm going to get a bit sappy for a sec, sorry 'bout it, but.....I'm moving this weekend and let me tell you, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic about leaving this apartment. I thought I'd be really excited, and don't get me wrong, I definitely am. But it's my place.

My very first one alone. The one without roommates or family. The first one to call my own. The apartment I spent every weekend night getting ready in with one of my best friends. Drinking wine, dancing around, and singing to music (one of the number one reasons why we are as close as we are). The apartment I graduated from college in.

The one that all of my family come to stay with me in. The one with the best view. The one that I was unemployed and miserable in. My Perry cat's first home. The one I got a job teaching kindergarten in. The one I started dating my boy in. The one I went through the worst of life in. The one with the huge balcony great for coffee drinking. But more importantly, the place I lived while so many amazing things happened!

(My high school English teacher would kill me dead if she saw all those sentences ending with preopositions, and you know what I say to that...OH PASHAW!)

As corny and cliche as it is, this place is the one that I seriously, truly figured out who I was and what I want to do in life. This home is one of the first places that felt like "home" away from my true childhood home.

Goodbye, wonderful apartment. You were the best!

Onto new, amazing adventures! Huzzah Huzzah!!