January 15, 2018

Morning Smiles

This girl loves mornings! She is so smiley in the mornings, so weekends are just the best being able to wake up and lounge around with such a happy girl.

January 3, 2018

Becoming a Mom

It's Christmas break and I'm, once again, sitting in the nursery rocking Larson. At this point I never ever want to go back to work. This has been the best break I've had and it's because of how much we slowed down. We had nothing planned. We did a lot of sitting around at home, cuddled up, loving on our babe.

It's impossible to really explain how much I love this girl. This weird thing happens when you become a Mom, and you totally understand all of the things that parents always talk about. You don't think you can ever love something this much, and then this tiny little person comes around and really teaches you what love means.

I spent every day of this break just sitting there staring at her while she slept in my arms. Remembering every moment of her short 4 months on earth so far. How her tongue quivered while she dramatically screamed in the hospital, the little pink pants she came home in that she was drowning in, how she smiled in her sleep every day while she slept on my chest during maternity leave, and how much I cried on the way to work the first week because of how much she looked like she'd grown when I got home.

Last night, Adam and I laid in bed looking at photos on our phones of how tiny she was and talked about how it's insane that we can already be forgetting moments from what seems like yesterday.

When they say that you want them to stay little, but love watching them grow all at the same time, it's so true. There's a giant lump in my throat when I see photos or videos of her at only a couple days old, but I love watching her learn and explore. She is now reaching for things, laughing, and responding to our voices and every single day is just so much fun.

This girl has changed me. She has made both of us better. We were so ready to become parents, but I don't think either of us can name what really happens when your child enters the world. Each day just keeps getting better and better and we love doing life as a family of 3.

January 1, 2018

2017 Recap

This year a recap was absolutely needed with it being one of the best years of life! 

Just putting this together and looking through the photos of this year gives me all kinds of feels. But the biggest feelings of happiness, nostalgia, and sadness come from going back through and reading previous years. So much has changed and I'm so thankful to have so many wonderful memories made and all in one place.

Here's 2017....

  • Colorado trip to see Ellen! 
  • Price Is Right with Katie! 
  • Taking Bliss Photo big places
  • Watched Devin wrestle for the last time in Lincoln beore moving to KC

  • Halfway with our little Dingy

  • Golf!

  • Watched my boy complete another half marathon

  • School baby shower

  • Fishing dates with my cute husband

  • Saw my sweet Gram from Wisconsin lots more times than usual

  • All our cousins in one place!

  • Family baby shower

  • Vegas with Hudl

  • Stopped in KC to see our girl

  • Celebrated Dennis and Jamie's wedding

  • My favorite holiday celebrations - always the best every year

  • Got to see my girls

  • Lots of quick dates with Ellen

  • Year 30 with our Boji Bunch

  • Baby shower

  • Farmer's Market's are our jam over here

  • (Not so patiently) waited for this baby to get here

  • Welcomed another year of 2nd graders super preggo!

  • Right before we left for the hospital

  • Welcomed our girl, Larson Lane Bouc

  • Got in so many new baby snuggles

  • Husker Game Days looked a little different for us this year!

  • Went on a walk every day of maternity leave with my sweet girl

  • Girlfriend's newborn photos gave me all kinds of happy feels

  • Escape Room!

  • Adam got to take paternity leave and sent me all kinds of cute pics while I was at work!

  • Apple Orchard date with my family!

  • Celebrated Kelli and Dexter's wedding!

  • Celebrated milestones

  • Larson meets a puppy!

  • Our babe starts daycare

  • Larson's first Thanksgiving

  • Family photos

  • Date night with my hubs

  • Stuhr Museum Walk of Lights with my family. An old tradition we did with Grandma

  • Daycare friends

  • First Christmas magic with a baby this year

  • SNOW on Christmas morning!

I completed another 1 second a day video in 2017

Another year down of 1 second videos. I learn so much from doing these and this year was no different. 2017 was a great year for us. It was much more low key than our insane 2016. We took a couple small trips, hung out with friends and family, and had lots of celebrations. But of course the greatest thing about this year was welcoming our sweet girl into the world.

It's just so easy to forget the every day moments. Going back through these gives me all kinds of good feels to have memories like this captured. Especially this year to remember how tiny Larson was and how fast those days went.

I'm so proud of all of the people who told me they were going to do a project like this and I am so excited to see who followed through and what they created from the moments in their life. Once again, if you were someone who told me this is something you want to try this year, TRY IT! If anything, it helps you to slow down in this crazy, fast world of ours. As I said last year, 1 second is a really long time if you just slow down and pay attention every once in awhile! 

Enjoy a couple minutes of our lives in 2017! 

"Wherever you are, whatever you do

Whatever wishes might come true
Whatever you got, whatever you give
You make it a beautiful life to live"